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Dr. Passport is a bilingual medical handbook which helps you communicate with doctors or nurses in case of an injury or illness in Japan. Carbon copy checklists of more than 240 sample sentences will allow you to easily describe your condition in detail on topics such as disease symptoms, children and women’s symptoms or reasons for injury.
In addition, the booklet includes medical history sheets and sample conversations that will be helpful when talking with doctors or the hospital reception, so that by having Dr. Passport at hand, even people not prone to illness may rest assured while staying in Japan. This booklet is available in a variety of languages including English, and is currently being used by a number of foreign companies and municipal offices as part of their welfare programs.

We can also create customized editions featuring a cover page and language of your choice according to your specifications.

Main Content: Carbon Copy 24 sets (48 pages)
Appendix: 8 pages, H150×W100mm
Japanese→English   Japanese→Simplified Chinese
Japanese→Korean   Japanese→German   Japanese→Italian   Japanese→French   Japanese→Spanish
English→Japanese Portuguese→Japanese
756 Yen (tax incl.)


CASIO EX-word series (as of January 2010)
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XD-A7100, XD-A7200, XD-A7300, XD-A7400, XD-A7500, XD-A7600, XD-A7700,
XD-A5900MED, XD-A5700MED

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SEIKO Instruments (as of November 2009)
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The contents of the Dr. Passport medical phrase book can be used by travel related businesses or companies involved in international relations as a gift to customers. We offer to create an original version according to your company’s needs, such as target audience, desired language, page numbers, sample phrases and shape of the booklet.

Example of corporate use of Dr. PASSPORT

In case you are planning to expand your business abroad, attending a business trip, or have foreign employees working for you in Japan, this booklet can be used as part of a welfare package for your employees.

Example of a custom-made editions

・Produced by a company involved in international communications as a gift for foreigners living in Japan

Available editions : Portuguese (Brazilians) , Tagalog (Phillipinos) , Thai , English

・As a tool to advertise services and campaigns to foreigners living in Japan

Produced to advertise services or campaigns such as moving help or international money transfers, and distributed through kindergartens and day nurseries.

・As a way to promote business to Japanese exchange students going abroad. Distributed at colleges, universities and exchange program related centers.

The English edition was used by an international communications company to promote their international money order services.

・As an original gift for customers of a credit card company.

Sample phrases included situations such as accidents, theft as well as parts of the Dr. PASSPORT contents and Airline support.


Fees and Payment

Corporate Customers

We will send an invoice for the combined cost of the product and postage. Please make all payments to our designated bank account.

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Individual Customers

We will send a postal transfer form to individual customers for the combined price of the product and postage. Please make payment within 10 days of delivery (we will cover the transfer fee).


1 copy......140 Yen
2 copies......205 Yen
3-4 copies......250 Yen
5-29 copies......Postage depends on delivery address and number of copies.
30+ copies......We will cover the postage for orders for more than 30 copies.

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"Dr. PASSPORT" is a registered trademark of Mais Co., Ltd.



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