Mais co,. ltd. has much experience for promotion by the communication between languages of contradiction in terms for a visit to Japan, the Japanese foreigner made a voyage to to one, the foreign countries residing in Japan. The special language Japanese cannot deny that it is with a yet big wall for a foreigner, both Japanese at the present to be told that globalization advanced.

As of 2013, 10,360,000 visit to Japan foreigners go up the Japanese made a voyage to to 2,040,000 foreigners residing in Japan, foreign countries to 14,760,000 people. It will be if I can minimize possible stress from communication of the contradiction in terms word space when I do the staying shopping, meal, movement (than JNTO statistics) that the experience was enriched more.

I regard that I offer a product and service to such people as business opportunity and push forward business to corporate earnings, the improvement of the CS mainly on company of help and a promotion plan, the production by the booklet which supports as possible life in Japan of the foreign and the multi-language including the guidebook towards a foreigner visited Japan to regard as contribution. Including an English medium, there are the results of production and the promotion in Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean, Russian, Thai, Tagalog, Hindi, and a company of much inside and outside the country cultivated in the process, staying in Japan foreigner community, the network with domestic and foreign travel agencies, a hotel, a restaurant, the shop coped with are our property, and it is with the base of the service to provide.

Mais means の in Portuguese “more” “more”. It is more convenient and will provide the high service of the effect to become the company helping all of you more like this name.

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